The Coton de Tulear is an extremely intelligent, happy, playful companion dog. They love to follow you around everywhere you go, even to the bathroom as I can personally attest to. They thrive on companionship and love to sit at (and on) your feet or on your lap. The Coton is a wonderful choice for families with children and adapt well to any environment. They get depressed if left alone too much, so if you work full time and will have to leave your dog alone for long periods of time, please re-consider getting a Coton.

The Coton de Tulear is a non-shedding dog with a fluffy, hair like coat that comes in a variety of colors but turns predominantly white as they reach adulthood. They have little to no odor and are generally very clean. A Coton kept in a full coat requires daily combing. As they mature, the Coton will eventually have 3 coats coming in at around 7-12 months, so it is imperative to have the right grooming equipment and time to commit to keeping your dog tangle free.

Cotons live for 15 to 17 years and are a big investment in time and energy. In return, you will be loved unconditionally, adored fully and have a truly loyal companion and friend for many years to come. After owning a Coton, your life will never be the same!

About the Coton de Tulear

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