Margie of Absolutely Beautiful Cotons is Snow's sister from the same litter. Margie is very sweet and quiet but loves to be outside and go exploring with you. She loves flopping over on her back, no matter where she might be so you can rub her tummy. She's very well built and very strong. Her all white coat is a little straighter than Snow's and very sleek and beautiful and, in my opinion, a little easier to take care of. Margie acts like the "big sister" of the pack. She's very loyal and "listens" extremely well. She is such a joy to have!

Snow White

Snow White of Absolutely Beautiful Cotons is our little prissy princess! She was our first Coton . She loves attention and pampering. She's also very affectionate and loves to give hugs if you are sitting down by putting her front paws on your lap and laying her head down. She also follows me everywhere and lays her head down on my feet whenever I stop. Snow has always been very smart and will wait until I put her food into her bowl before she eats even though I never taught her this. She loves to play, and often is the one who initiates play time with our other dogs She has an extra fluffy, beautiful all white coat.

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